VIQ Player

VIQ Player

VIQ Player can support up to 8 individual channels of audio
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The main VIQ Player window allows you to control your audio playback. If you are playing back cases
that include video, please view the following section, Playing back video, for information on VIQ Player's
additional video features. VIQ Player also offers hotkey commands to assist in playback.\VIQ Player supports a USB foot pedal for recording control. In most foot pedals, the center pedal plays,
the left pedal fast-forwards, and the right pedal rewinds.
The VIQ Player lets you quickly and easily mute or unmute individual channels of audio. This allows you
to isolate a particular channel (or group of channels) to aid in transcription.

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  • Question: When I'm using my Bluetooth headphones to play audio on RC player, the sound comes from the laptop speakers rather than the headphones. Any suggestions?

    You need to choose the default playback device in RC Player. Audio applications have a section where you can choose what device to use then sounds are playing.

    Go to the settings of the RC Player software and choose the output mode to the device used by the Bluetooth headphones. Restart the application and PC and it should play normally this time.

    Note: If other apps behave the same, access their Settings area and configure them as I recommended above.

  • Question: Is VIQ Player compatible with Windows 10?

    Yes, VIQPlayer is compatible with Windows 10, although on the official website it's mentioned that works only on Windows XP and 7.

    To install it, download the package, then right click the setup and select "Run as Administrator". You have to do the same when you run the product as well.

    • Download page(save the latest version, not the old one):
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